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Reliable, accurate farming advice you can trust

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On Farm Advice

With decades of collective experience on a wide variety of agronomy issues, our field reps understand.

North Otago’s pastures and how to maximise your land’s potential.

They also know how much farmers value honest, accurate advice and ongoing support. That’s why they partner with you throughout the production cycle, and offer expert knowledge on how to optimise your farming systems and maximise growing conditions, whatever the weather decides to do.

With such an in-depth knowledge of the Waitaki region, our agronomists can also recommend the most effective agrichemicals, and suggest appropriate grain and seed treatments and mixes to suit your land. They do it all from an independent standpoint – so you know it’s reliable, consumer-focused advice. 

On Farm Advice


Re-grassing, or pasture renewal, is essential if you want to optimise the production and performance of your crops, increasing the profitability of your land and livestock.

But developing pastures and systems that are tailored to work with the environment is an investment you need to make sure is worthwhile. That’s why we recommend having a free consultation with one of our expert agronomists before making any major re-grassing decisions.

With unrivaled knowledge and experience of North Otago pastures, when one of our agronomists visits your farm, they will address any underlying problems related to your pasture deterioration.  

Looking at everything from the location and position of your land to the climate and class of your stock, our agronomists will advise on optimal re-grassing systems. They will also recommend and help source the best main perennial and companion species for your land and livestock.  

Partnering with you throughout the re-grassing cycle, our agronomists will also help you plan accordingly and are always on-hand to offer expert advice, so you can achieve more resilient pastures.